Chef Ottomanelli

What's for Dinner?

templatemo.comHi. I’m Chef Anthony Ottomanelli, a former restaurant chef, and a current private chef and culinary educator. I believe that eating a wide variety of wholesome food, and practicing a healthy lifestyle are absolutely fundamental for enjoying life to the fullest! I love cooking, love food and LOVE LIFE, and I’d like to help you do more enjoying, too!

AO Culinary Services

My goal is to get you to eat better. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods. Whether you enjoy home-style comfort foods, or prefer restaurant-inspired haute cuisine, you are treated to the absolute freshest seasonal ingredients available.

What I do:

I cook, teach, and also offer nutrition consulting for my clients. I try to show my clients how to enjoy more of what the Earth’s bounty offers us. In the “meat and potatoes” world that’s all around us, I try to inform about and get my clients to enjoy all of the other foods that you walk past whenever you’re at the market. True enjoyment in eating is trying new things, prepared in different ways. The simplest preparations and freshest ingredients are always best!

Food for Thought

Food is a necessity, a form of entertainment, necessary nourishment, a treat and an indulgence. Food is a way of LIFE for some and a source of livelihood for many.

Food plays an enormous part of our lives, but rarely do people think about why we eat the way we do. If you’ve always wanted to change the way you eat, but haven’t done so because it just doesn’t seem appealing to you, then we need to talk.